Sargent’s Nursery, Red Wing, MN

Red Wing, MN

Red Wing, MN really WAS on our way home…kinda sorta maybe. 

And if you’re going to or from the Twin Cities, it’s a beautiful way to travel as the road follows the Mississippi River through bluffs and rolling hills. There, we visited Sargent’s Nursery, again on the recommendation of Lisa Walsh. The owner/manager is a 4th generation Sargent, most of the plant material is under cover so you can shop no matter the weather, and the staff was nice! Red Wing (home to great footwear) looked charming and I’d like to visit again when my navigator isn’t scratching his head about the routes I’m choosing. After Plant Stop #10, he was starting to catch on to my meandering ways and we still had so many great gardens to hit on the way home so I didn’t push it by hitting the art galleries!

I plan to return here to see the famed Red Wing Pottery, tour the factory, and see the bald eagle observation area… and maybe pick up a few more plants at Sargent’s!

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