OK Hatchery Feed & Garden

Kirkwood, MO (St. Louis suburb)

If I were Marie Kondo at the O.K. Hatchery Feed & Garden, I wouldn’t get rid of a thing since it all brings me great joy even though it’s the epitome of “cluttered.” It’s just across the street from the Kirkwood Farmers Market (yesterday’s post) in suburban St. Louis. We used to shop here for chicken feed when I was a kid. Founded in 1927, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the items are original inventory– there’s stuff everywhere you look both inside and out. If you need answers, advice, birdseed, garden gloves, pots, or just a good old-fashioned dose of days gone by, check it out! It’s the kind of place where I say, “I’m going to be a while,” at the same moment Jeff is saying, “I’ll be on a bench outside.” Love it!


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