Hamilton’s Greenhouse

West Point, IN

Hamilton’s is a wonderful little greenhouse on 25 south of West Point with veggies (including many heirloom tomatoes), annuals and perennials. Wendy is delightful and a very good grower (you can tell because lots of places overwater but Wendy keeps everything on the dry side while still maintaining optimal plant growth). The prices are low and there’s always an unexpected plant or two or three to discover.

It’s best to go early in the season as she sells the majority of her plant material before Mother’s Day but it’s worth a stop later in the season to fill in holes in your garden. I usually end up here several times each year! Here’s my approach: look for plants that I don’t recognize– they probably aren’t in bloom. Those are things she’s growing because SHE wants to grow them! Verbena bonariensis (Jeff thinks that’s what you say when you cast a spell), Jewels of Opar, old-fashioned Four O’Clocks and tall varieties of Flowering Tobacco. You can’t find everything on your list here but you’ll find things you hadn’t thought of but simply must try. And after you plant everything, she’ll take the empty pots and flats back to sanitize and use again.

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