Attica Floral, Attica IN

Robin Pickett and I visited Attica Floral and found another garden center cat! Meet Smoky. Parts of the greenhouse were built in 1906 and are still standing. Watch out for pipes overhead in the older parts! They have a good selection of the basics but this is a great place to poke around and discover some unusual plant material including small succulents and houseplants in clay pots. Like Hamilton’s (on your way on SR 25!) you can tell there’s a grower involved that’s growing some plant material that THEY like– not filling every square inch with the top-selling plants. And that makes it a great deal of fun. Full disclosure, one of my favorite friends is the incredibly talented floral designer here– Dennis Kovar. I’ll share some wedding photos but ours was a relatively low-key affair compared to some of his work. He’s done design work internationally.