Newfields AKA Indianapolis Museum of Art

Back home again in Indiana, Kay and I visited Newfields (AKA the Indianapolis Museum of Art) grounds (just talking grounds here— we’re not getting into the Art Museum and its collection and finances) which is, interestingly, the closest thing we have in this area to a botanical garden. While there are incredible, talented and delightful horticulturists on staff, the museum has moved some energy (and funds) in different directions. The gardens are beautiful and there’s much to love but the intensity (#sof species) is not what you’ll find at places where plants are the only priority. The greenhouses are now display-only (you used to find really unusual plants for sale there) and a beer garden (with many botanical wonders to amaze you over a cold one). I wish for more budget and helpers to aid the hard-working horticulturists here. Don’t miss the tropical plantings at the entry, the tapestries of foliage, the plants that decorate the beer garden and the Garden for Everyone. And some wine on the patio!

Want to take some classes? I kept looking under “Educate & Learn” and finding nothing– instead, you’ll find them under “Do & See.”

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