Missouri Botanical Garden

St. Louis, MO

My favorite garden ever! I grew up in St. Louis and volunteered in the Japanese Garden for a summer so you might think I’m biased but poll after poll backs me up. This is a top rated botanical garden! I’ll write more about the gardens themselves soon but in the meantime, don’t miss the light party this summer:

Light up the night at the Missouri Botanical Garden‘s Garden Party Lights event! Sip local beer or wine (or not), listen to local musicians in the Biergarten, and enjoy some incredible visuals. We loved the light show, called projection mapping, on the Tower Grove House, the original country home of founder Henry Shaw (no relation sadly although I tried to claim one when I volunteered in the gardens. My coworkers knew he never had kids…). There are two short (five minute) projections that play in a continuous loop. I could sit there for an hour and watch the flowers cover the walls over and over. There are other light displays in the garden including a throwback laser show (reminded me of shows at the Planetarium with high school friends). I love that gardens are hosting events like this as it brings in people and money that might otherwise not have made it to the garden. Some people disagree and call it “selling out”– I’ve seen that accusation in print regarding Newfield’s holiday lights. These gardens need awareness and funds so I’m in favor of bringing in new audiences that will hopefully return to see the plants another day. Garden Party Lights runs through October 19, 2019.

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